A Strategic Alliance for Success: Our Partnership with Sage

At NPact, we realize the unique financial demands of our foundation customers who are looking for a flexible and powerful fund accounting solution to accommodate their unique financial workflows. We are incredibly excited to have partnered with our friends at Sage to offer a robust integration with Sage Intacct’s cloud-native accounting platform. 

Harnessing the Power of Sage Intacct and Foundation Cloud Integration

Sage Intacct provides a robust cloud-based fund accounting solution for foundations.

Sage Intacct is a true transactional database that allows customers to design reporting and workflows based on its extremely flexible implementation of transactional dimensions, rather than being constrained by account code design.  

Benefits of Sage:

  • Sage Intacct was designed with reporting as the basis for its infrastructure, and it shows! Financial Reporting in Sage is very powerful and easy to use.
  • Reporting for Spending Policy calculations is more flexible than most other finance systems (i.e., 16Q Rolling Average Fund Balances, etc.)
  • Sage Intacct allows for eight optional standard dimensions plus up to 5 user-defined dimensions for added flexibility.
  • Dimensions for new transactions in AP Bills and Journal Entries can be automatically set in Sage Intacct using “Smart Rules,” which greatly simplifies Foundation Cloud configuration.
  • Several leading CRM systems (including Virtuous) have available integrations with Sage to handle incoming Gift transactions.

Sage Intacct also has several powerful enhancements beyond the Core module from which many foundations can benefit, including:

  • Fund Fee Assessment module for calculating AUM-based and other types of fees
  • Dynamic Allocations module for handling Investment Pool income allocation and fund-level rebalancing

Foundation Cloud integration provides the following workflow advantages.

Foundation Cloud is a cloud-based donor advised fund and grant management platform that enables you to manage your organization’s lifecycle of grantmaking workflows, from grant and application creation to recommendation, processing, and payment. By being integrated with Sage Foundation Cloud provides an extremely configurable, flexible, and powerful cloud-based accounting and grant management solution to foundations.

Benefits of the Foundation Cloud + Sage Intacct Integration:

  • Real-time sync of fund balance information
  • Integration simplicity – As opposed to other finance integrations, all accounting and fund reporting calculations are now completed solely in Sage Intacct, enabling Sage Intacct to serve as the single accounting source of truth.
  • Real-time line-item balances for Fund Statement and Fund Summary reporting

The Advantages of the Sage Services Provided by Team NPact

As part of our partnership with Sage, we are offering Sage Intacct implementation services so that our team can implement your accounting, CRM, and grants/DAF management systems concurrently to minimize the risk of miscommunication and rework. We believe that performing the systems integrations ourselves provides our customers with the lowest risk of rework and data issues and the fastest time to go-live.

Right now, we are one of the largest non-profit systems integrator partners. Our Sage Intacct implementation team members are true systems experts who have performed dozens of implementations for financially complex foundations and non-profits.

"I am so happy that NPact has partnered with Sage to implement Sage Intacct for non-profits, including foundations. I've been working with Sage Intacct for over five years now and the level of detail that you can report on using the multiple dimension structure makes it easy to create reports for all the many types of reports needed for regulatory compliance, audits, grant reporting, etc. There is no longer a need to keep multiple systems or Excel workbooks for reporting as it can all be housed within Intacct and source systems can feed information into Intacct via APIs or import files as needed. 

NPact's Sage Intacct implementation team has been working for years on Intacct implementations and has an organized and planned approach to walk clients through the process. We understand that moving to a new system can be challenging and intimidating, so we try to provide potential solutions and scenarios so that the client feels at ease. We have weekly client meetings with NPact team members who have been non-profit accountants and understand financial reports. The other part of the team works on the configuration and data migration and specialize in certain parts of the process to ensure we can get you a great finished Sage Intacct product and we provide training along the way."

- Kelly Coutee, CPA 

NPact Services - Intacct Implementation Customer Success 

Outside of integration and implementation services, our team of experts provides expert consulting services for database cleaning, training, and outsourced accounting. With over two decades of accounting expertise, our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge from diverse non-profit experiences, offering valuable insights and access to resources to optimize your processes. We're here to help your organization get the most out of your Sage Intacct by tailoring our accounting services and offerings to meet your specific needs.

accountant using sage and foundation cloud

Discover Foundation Cloud and Sage Today

We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Sage. As we look to continue to partner with innovative software platforms and expand the set of capabilities we offer to our foundation customers. Reach out to learn more about our Foundation Cloud and Sage Intacct integration and our wide array of finance accounting services.

Team NPact

Team NPact

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