Welcome FIMS & DonorCentral Customers!

September 12, 2022

Jeff Conn

Dear FIMS and DonorCentral® NXT Customer,

We hope you are having a great start to your fall!

As you have heard, NPact is proud to announce its acquisition of FIMS and DonorCentral® NXT. We are Jeff Conn and Brian Greeley, NPact’s co-owners and co-CEO’s. We acquired NPact in December 2020 and have backgrounds in technology investing, software development, and management education. We are thrilled to welcome your organization to NPact!

Our vision for NPact is to be the clear, comprehensive provider for non-profits looking to enhance their philanthropy. Over the last two years, we have increased investments in our products, improving our customer service and support experience, and providing a solution for organizations to manage their donors, grants, and scholarships in the cloud. Our recent decision to acquire FIMS and DonorCentral® NXT from Blackbaud is the next step in our journey.

We would like to ensure you that you will not experience any immediate changes to your systems, support, or services. We know the path for FIMS and DonorCentral® NXT has been ambiguous over the years. NPact will immediately dedicate new development and maintenance resources to both products, and we are committed to supporting and enhancing them for the next five years, and potentially beyond.

NPact will be working in partnership with Blackbaud over the coming months to transition both products to NPact’s secure independent cloud infrastructure and in-house support services. Long-time FIMS engineering and product leads, Rick Schnitzler, LeAnn Hillman, and Cassy Crabtree, have transitioned to Team NPact. Rick, LeAnn, and Cassy, and Blackbaud team members will continue to be a resource for your organization throughout this transition.

This fall, we will embark on a customer listening tour. Jeff, Brian, and NPact leaders will reach out directly to your organization. We would like to understand what is working well with your current products, what key issues you are experiencing, and what enhancements you would like to see. We will also be launching a FIMS & DonorCentral® NXT customer satisfaction survey to gain insights and perspective from various members of your team.

Our goal is to not only improve your current system but enable it to seamlessly integrate with NPact’s Foundation Cloud and other products (stay tuned!).

NPact is excited to begin a long-term partnership with your organization! We invite you to join us for our upcoming Welcome to NPact webinar, where we will provide additional detail about the acquisition and answer questions. We will offer two sessions to ensure everyone is able to attend.

Register today!
11 AM CT


As we navigate this new partnership, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel to reach out to us any time – at ceo@npact.com.

Jeff and Brian


Learn more about our recent acquisition by reviewing our 
or emailing fims@npact.com. 
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