Coyote Valley

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Coyote Valley

The Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians is a federally recognized Tribe is located in the heart of Mendocino County in Redwood Valley, California. After more than 140 years of displacement, the band regained their status as a recognized tribal group in 1976.

Following the recognition, the Coyote Valley Tribal Council was organized for the purpose of regaining their land base and to promote the economic and social welfare of its members. Today, the Band’s services have grown to include: Health & Human Services, Environmental Protection, Education, Housing, Tribal Police, and Administration & Finance.


Finanical Edge Upgrade

The Band had been utilizing Financial Edge 7 since 2018, but their balance sheet never fully balanced. With the goal of resolving their balancing issue and upgrading their system to Financial Edge NXT, the Band hired NPact to migrate its data and implement them on the cloud-based solution.

Once FE NXT was ready for use, the project also included creating templates to allow for EFT debits, setting up custom reports to share with the Tribal Council and its members, as well as preparing them for their upcoming annual audit by The Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

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Technical Support & Training

The NPact consultant listened to the Band’s challenges and undertook addressing their list of needs. By cleaning up inactive projects, correctly categorizing funds by departments and projects, and adding a segment to track information under project numbers, each project now successfully balances. The consultant also set up the EFT module and trained the team on how to import payroll and journal entries, as well as add debit cards for over 250 vendors they pay multiple times per month.

The consultant also set up customized reports to streamline other processes for the organization. The project was completed on time. Not only was the Band now able to utilize their upgraded system, but they were well prepared for their annual audit. With the success of the initial project with NPact Consulting, they extended their contract to 12 months to continue to partner with their consultant to optimize FE NXT.

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