Fund Investment Tool

Fund Investment Tool

Fund Investment Tool

NPact’s Fund Investment Tool (FIT) is a powerful and flexible financial processing tool designed specifically for fund investment accounting. FIT enables foundations and other non-profits to automate complex recurring calculations regarding endowment fees, spending policies, income allocation, and rebalancing, removing the need for spreadsheets and compiling information from disparate systems.

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Allocates endowments and track critical financial balances/activity at the endowment level
Ensures timely and accurate endowment calculations and reporting – allowing your financial personnel to demonstrate the highest level of organizational accountability and stewardship.
Built on Blackbaud’s Sky API architecture, which supports the most sophisticated and complex accounting requirements in the non-profit sector.
Journal Entries can be either sent directly to Blackbaud’s Financial Edge NXT or exported to Excel for manual processing.
When combined with NPact’s Foundation Cloud Community Portal, both internal and external stakeholders can access critical endowment information and reports through a cloud-based and mobile optimized user interface

Key Features:

Manage endowments through configurable and customizable calculation methodologies: average daily balance, month end balance and rolling averages
Access Fund Record to view the assigned revenue pools, rebalancing strategies, fee schedule, and spending policy pool
Allocate investment income, fees, and spending policies while supporting exceptions
Rebalance endowments against investment targets or cash
Create stewardship reports and identify trends and patterns
Reduce the risks associated with accounting for endowments
Rapidly respond to requests and provide online access
Real-time bi-directional integration with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
Supports investment income, fees, spend policy, rebalancing investment asset portfolios, cash calls

Seamlessly integrates with

Foundation Cloud

Foundation Cloud is NPact’s flagship cloud-based donor advised fund, grant management, scholarship, and community portal application suite. Our solution powers your organizations grantmaking and community engagement, while integrating with industry-leading CRM and financial accounting tools.

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