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Why Should Non-Profits Invest in Consulting Services?

If your non-profit or community foundation is in the process of selecting new technology solutions, you may be wondering whether to invest in consulting services. non-profit consulting services can provide invaluable support to your organization, helping you optimize processes, access expert knowledge, and develop tailored strategies for your new platform.

Consulting Team

The Importance of Database Cleanup for Non-Profits

From duplicate records to inaccurate reporting, we understand the pain points that messy data can cause. By partnering with NPact to clean up your database, you can free up valuable time and enable your organization to focus on its core objectives. Find out how to identify your database needs and work with NPact to empower your team.


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NPact has created its first ever set of video training materials for our GE Classic Product. Please reach out to your NPact representative to receive log-in information.

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