Grant Edge NXT

Grant Edge NXT is NPact’s flagship cloud-based grant management system that handles the entire lifecycle of a foundation’s internal workflows, from application creation/recommendation to payment. It was designed from inception to integrate with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT products.

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Core Capabilities Include:

Process high volumes of Donor-Advised Grant Requests – efficiently and in real-time
Build and Manage Multiple Grant Programs at scale
Supports a comprehensive range of Grant Types, including:
  • Standard Grants
  • Scholarship Grants
  • Grant Projects
  • Designated Grants
  • Interfund Transfers
Create grants with:
  • Multiple funds
  • Multiple payments
  • Customize frequency/recurrence
  • Custom characteristics and workflows
Powerful Batch Processing Functionality​
  • Grant Batches
  • Proposal Batches
  • Scholarship Batches
  • Encumbrance Batches
  • Query Batches
  • Board Approval Dockets
  • Check Runs

Key Features:

Easily create and publish multi-stage grant and scholarship applications
Manage scholarship applications, applicants, scholarship funds, and institutions
Manage proposals, program areas, and portfolios
Set up review committees and application review groups
Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Over 80 off the shelf configurable, parameter-driven reports
Build Custom Workflow steps and tasks to manage your foundation’s process
Flexible and Tile layout allows you to focus on the information you need
Sophisticated Grid allows you to quickly filter, sort, search, and export
Mobile Responsive

Seamlessly integrates with:

Spectrum NXT

Spectrum NXT is a comprehensive and configurable cloud portal which enables your organization and its external constituents to apply for and recommend grants and scholarships with ease.

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Endowment Manager

NPact’s Endowment Manager is a powerful and flexible financial processing tool designed specifically for fund investment accounting.

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Charity Evaluator

NPact’s Charity Evaluator add-on allows users the ability to immediately determine a nonprofit organization’s status with the IRS – without having to navigate to an external website.

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We help you make a real impact.

We have decades of experience in deep domain expertise in helping our foundation customers enable and accelerate their grantmaking workflow. 

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