Amber Hodge

Solutions Consultant

Lives in Charleston, South Carolina

Kayaking and playing the ukulele

I am originally from Kentucky but spent my teenage years in Cincinnati, OH. After graduating from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, I moved to Charleston and explored a few career paths before I landed in the technology industry. I have always been passionate about the environment and wanted to figure out a way to connect technology with my passion to make the world a better place. Naturally, the first stepping stone to break into that industry was to join Blackbaud where I accepted a position in May 2018. While at Blackbaud I worked with Financial Edge, Raiser’s Edge, BBMS, and Online Express.

I am very passionate about environmental conservation. I have volunteered with many local organizations here in Charleston, SC that work with The Ocean Cleanup. This organization engineers technology to help extract as much plastic from the ocean as possible, intercept it in rivers before it can reach the ocean, and repurpose it.

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