Dave Kelly

Solutions Consultant

My lifetime has been broken up into 3 stages,  childhood/pre-kids,  parent, and empty nester.  As it turns out these 3 segments were also defined by the city we lived in.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh PA.  I seldom watch sports but if there is a Steelers or Pens game on TV you will find me cheering them on.  After 35 years in PGH my family moved to Wooster OH where Laura and I raised our 2 children.  Wooster is where most of my friends are to this day.  Twenty years later, in 2014, we moved to Charleston, SC where we currently live as empty nesters.  I have found connections to all of these places and consider all home for various reasons.

Cycling, golfing, river/ocean walks, woodworking, and hanging out with my family are all things I make time for each week.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with an accounting degree in 1990.  My first career was in the financial services/risk management industry.  My second career was in the logistics/transportation industry.

Seacoast Church
Tunnel to Towers Foundation (t2t.org)

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