Miles Matsumura

Financial Solutions Consultant

I love my hometown of Hilo, Hawai‘i!  It’s a quaint, small city with beautiful parks and lots of open space. The volcanoes are just 30 minutes away. In much of the world, people flee erupting volcanoes. Here, we run TO it to enjoy the spectacular views.

I also love our majestic mountains, the tropical rain forests, and, of course, the ocean.

Kanikapila: “kani” means sound and “pila” means any string musical instrument. It simply means to gather together and play music. In Hawai‘i, we do it for enjoyment, but in Jersey City, we used kanikapila to mentor urban teens by forming a youth band, which met weekly in the Boys & Girls Club gym. The young people learned to sing, play instruments, lead, and grew into fine young men and women. Their parents loved it!

The pandemic changed everything: no more gatherings. Our physicians and health care workers are overworked and need the latest stats and COVID-19 info. They don’t have time to search for data, so I do it for them in the form of a daily COVID-19 update for our county.

My graduate studies were in not-for-profit management and quality improvement. I started my career in nonprofit finance and accounting in Honolulu, initially in human services, then in education. A job transfer took me to New York City for a decade, during which I gained expertise in Financial Edge.

My mother’s ill health brought me back to Hawai‘i, where I worked both in the health care field and in Financial Edge user support.

Moody Radio Hilo 91.9 FM, a ministry of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

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