Learn the ins and outs of the Workflow module!

July 13, 2022

Jeff Armstrong

At NPact, we often say that our customers only do two things the same way – receive gifts and make grants. Everything they do in between receiving and giving is distinctive to their organization, and we designed GE NXT with this configurability in mind. You can now manage your nonprofit’s unique business processes through our Workflow module in GE NXT. Configuring GE NXT Workflow Templates and using them properly is a key element of effectively and efficiently processing your grants.

Our Workflows white paper is now available. You can download it on NPact’s Knowledge Base here. This document thoroughly discusses:

  • Understanding workflows in GE NXT
  • Configuring workflow templates
  • Status and amount changes via workflow
  • Managing diligence steps in workflow
  • Creating grants through workflow
  • Processing workflow steps (on records and in batches)
  • Alerts and email notifications
  • Managing Spectrum supplemental pages with workflow

My goal for this white paper, along with our knowledge base and our online training materials, is to reinforce our vision for how Workflows can empower you to streamline and manage your unique business processes in GE NXT. I believe all of our customers should be taking full advantage of this powerful product feature.

Thank you – happy to share more if you have any questions.

Jeff Armstrong, Chief Product Officer